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The Hollin John Show


WHJS Radio


WHJS Radio is your favorite #OldSchool4Real Internet radio station* streaming live 24/7 and giving you some of the best music around.

Growing up between Philadelphia, PA and Donalsonville, GA plus being a retired US Navy veteran, our resident DJ, Hollin John is no stranger to musical influences from around the world. 


The Hollin John Show has been providing musical entertainment for over 15 years in the Wiregrass (FL/AL/GA) area before expanding into the DMV (DC/MD/VA) metro area and stronger online presence, expect to hear even more great things from The Hollin John Show on WHJS Radio!

If it's #OldSchool4Real, it's The Hollin John Show on WHJS Radio - from funk to southern blues, rock and roll to rhythm and blues, soul to country plus so much more -

join "The Daytime Party" for the perfect feel!

*The Hollin John Show/WHJS Radio is not responsible for the availability of content or lack thereof outside of or Any streaming of this show outside of these website is the SOLE responsibility of the local station.

Thank you in advance*

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